Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wellies : Winter weather essential or fabulous festival fashion!

Rumour has it that snow is on its way this weekend, and the manfriend wants to go for a walk on Saturday.

Now I’m not opposed to taking a stroll and quite like getting some fresh air, but footwear poses a problem. I don’t see the point of buying expensive walking boots being the novice that I am; however I want to keep my feet dry in the forecasted snow.

Last time went for a mooch in the countryside, it wasn’t until rain bucketed it down did realise that there was a massive split in the side of my pair of leopard print wellies! Gutted. Wet socks are just not fun. Those wellies had seen me through few festivals too.

Wellies have seen a revolution in recent years, gone were the days that wellies were just for the older generation on gardening Sundays, or those who are into fishing. A decent pair of Wellies set you apart in the crowds at festivals.

Certain designer brands of wellies have become a status symbol by the fashion conscious. Take the very popular Hunter Wellies, favourite of the royals, celebs and stylish welly wearers. What about Posh Wellies, this brand has taken welly style to the next level with all the buckles, fur and quilted styles. Wedge Welly became famous in Dragons Den, worn by MIC Binky and Cheska. I dabbled in a bit of modelling again, wearing the pink wedge welly for Barratts website!

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