Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nude High Heels : Leg lengthening wonder shoes

Nude High Heels are one of life’s little unexpected perks. Simply stick this colour shoe on your feet and pow, instantly your legs look longer. Brilliant.

Whether round toe court shoe or cheeky peep toes, Nude High Heels pretty much can be styled with every outfit – soft and subtle or with loud and proud prints. So forget the strict fitness regime, nibble some chocolate with the comforting knowledge that a pair of Nude High Heels will give the illusion of longer legs!

Celebs are on to this style secret too, and mainly in the form of Laboutins but there are plenty of lookalike Nude Shoes available on the high street. This fashion footwear trend is not likely to vanish anytime soon so invest wisely, in your pair of Nude High Heels.

Like these gorgeous Patent Peep Toe Platform Court Shoes from Barrats, love the patent nude colour and height with the platforms on these heels. So similar in the peep toe style, no one would notice that the soles aren’t red.

My absolute favourites though are Office After All court shoe in nude pink nubuc. I’m working towards owning the entire range of this court shoe in every colour! One day. The heels are a tad high for a girl of my height, but so comfortable (and stunning) that I don’t mind towering above most people. Always get plenty of compliments wearing these shoes.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shoes just too wacky for wearing...

Yesterday Hong Kong Fashion Week celebrated its 12th Annual Footwear Design competition, and as you can imagine the shoe designs were pretty flamboyant. Could these be the most outrageous shoes you’ve ever seen?

Extravagant is best way to describe these shoes, with the decorative egg heel and detailed paint work the shoes could be mistaken for ornaments.

Wonder if the designer took inspiration from the Queen of Hearts with this pair of shoes. The deck of cards theme is super cute, with the lace detailing and colour splash yellow – these designs would fit with the more quirky fashionista.

Now laser cut leather was big trend last year, but three-heeled shoes are a totally new concept! Suppose it helps to have structurally sound shoes kind of like the framework to a wedge platform. I can’t deny these shoes aren’t pretty but imagine heavy to lift too!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Just Sheepskin Boots : keep your feet nice & warm!

Brrrr the weather has turned rather chilly over the weekend and so my ugg-style sheepskin boots were on my feet practically the entire time. These fur lined lovelies are so good for keeping your toes warm in the winter!

The ugg-style boot stormed the fashion footwear world a few years ago, giving a comfy casual yet fashionable look. Celebs across the globe were embracing Ugg boots, both women and men. I’ve worn mine with casual dresses, but also with my pj’s on trips down to the cafe. I have no shame!

Whilst the Ugg brand dominates the sheepskin boots market, some new contenders for the fur-lined boot trophy offering same ugg style but at a lower price tag.

Just Sheepskin Boots are great quality and although not cheap, have the quality leather stamp of approval from me. I like the plain and simple, yet stylish Just Sheepskin Mid High Casual Boots in chesnut colour. Go with everything.

Now, Whooga Boots are relatively new to the sheepskin boots market and I can confirm, worth every penny. I heart these boots, even started to wear them to work. Whooga Boots thick inner fleece for super luscious soft feel against skin, this is a total luxury for your feet in this cold weather.

Alternatively, there are faux leather lookalike sheepskin boots out there. This Ankle Boot with Faux Fur Trim and cute button would do the job too.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Glitter Shoes & Boots: Amy Childs sparkles!

The party season may be over, but the Glitter Shoes & Boots trend is still a shining star in the style stakes! Every girl deserves some shimmer in her life.

Glitter Shoes are fabulous with a swish pair of wet look leggings, dress or skirt for big nights out! Don’t over-do the shiny look or you’ll look like a bauble. A touch of glitter is enough to accent the look.

Glitter Shoes are available eve-ry-where on the high street and come in a range of colours, from red, to gold, to purple and the more discreet black glitter. I stumbled across this really cute gold Glitter Shoes with pretty black bow from Aldo in the sale. Wearing gold Glitter Shoes is not for the feint hearted, but with a tidy LBD and accent colour bag these beauties would work a treat.

Something still glittery but a little more strappy from Barratts Shoes now, love the block heel as this is bang on trend and makes staying upright bit easier. The straps break up the Glitter so not too full on.  I’m liking the way these shoes bring a winter shoe trend into the spring too. No tights allowed with peep toes ladies.

 And finally, beautiful Amy Childs sparkles in the most amazing Glitter Boots! These Glitter Boots by Schuh are stunning and absolutely on trend with the Chelsea boot style. Want want want.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Leopard Print Shoes : get your flirt on.

Ahhh Leopard Print Shoes, made famous once by Bet Lynch of Corrie fame and now making an appearance on Celebrity BB on Natasha Giggs tootsies. Michael and Natasha enjoyed a bit of flirty banter over her wearing gorgeous Christian Louboutin heels around the CBB house.

Whilst the obvious flirtation between Natasha and Michael did make me cringe, got to hand it to her, she knows how to rock leopard print high heels with joggers.

My own pair of beloved leopard print shoes haven’t got the designer price tag luckily since I have worn them to near death. A little bit rough round the edges, but I absolutely still love them. Although recent evidence doesn’t back this up, having left them in a local bar and not realising until 8 days later! Thankfully lost property is kept for a while so my shoes were saved.

Having one pair of Leopard Print Shoes doesn’t stop me from drooling over more. In fact I’d own this form of animal print in every shoe style going if I could.

I spotted these immense leopard print Wedges from Office, just incredible. Might struggle to keep steady however these would definitely get green-eyed glances from friends.

As it is still a bit chilly, sticking with the shoe boot theme these are beauts. Toes nicely tucked away in the full shoe boot and yet just as glamourous.

I’ve not quite given up my weekend nights out and would happily don these show stopping Glitterati Leopard Print platform high heels to party the night away.

And for casual days off the heels, these Timeless Leopard Print slippers are totally cute and being flat, I can wear for hours and match nicely with skinny jeans or leggings.

Make an investment in pair Leopard Print Shoes, get your friends envious.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Fitness Footwear: which sports shoes to choose?

So at the weekend, I jumped on the New Year resolution bandwagon and joined a gym. It’s been a while since I had a gym membership (as my physique may suggest) and after a year of doing little else other than sit at my laptop and studying for IDM qualification, decided this year that I want to ‘Get Fit for Thirty’. The thought of hitting the big three-oh and being more flabby than fanciable, put the frighteners on me – and so that was it, two friends and I marched straight down to local gym and signed up.

Now if I’m going to take this seriously (which I am obviously) need to get myself kitted out properly. Starting with decent pair of Fitness Footwear, and there are plenty of Womens Trainers available to choose from.

I’ve had personal recommendation by a professional sports conditioner to check out New Balance running shoes. The NB Minimus Cross-Trainer is supposed to be perfect for both gym and circuit workouts. Keeping my kankles supported whilst running on a cross trainer. I used to have a cross trainer once, gave it to my Dad, should have asked for it back…

Suppose I could let my Fitness Footwear give me a helping hand, with a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups. These trainers are designed to shape up during daily wear, shaping legs and bum. If these Skechers Shape-Ups can make me look like Kim Kardashian, I’ll give it a try.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wedding Shoes: More important than the dress?

And so it begins... my friends and I have reached that time in our lives. The first couple within our friendship group got engaged not so long ago and now everyone else is at it! My Facey newsfeed was cluttered with announcements and congratulatory messages for friends’ engagements throughout the festivities.

But really, proposing on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve? Such a cliché (not that am jealous in annnyyyway). Had the men who popped the question run out of present ideas this year? So dear boyfriend, if you have read this, please take note

In reality, I am a way off from preparing for my own Wedding. However this doesn’t mean that I’ve not thought about the big day and being slightly selfish, it’s all about what I’ll be wearing!  I’d ordinarily keep this to my secret diary... but there have been times where found myself day dreaming about having the perfect, most beautiful dress, immaculate hair and makeup, gorgeous jewellery and (most importantly) stunning Cinderella-style Wedding Shoes.

Admittedly, these times mainly happen when watching future husbands’ make a mess of organising their bride’s perfect wedding on that TV show. Did you see the one where one of her jewelled shoe’s heel broke? I felt for the poor girl, those were some gorgeous Wedding Shoes.

This got me thinking about what style of shoe I would choose, should the ‘best day of my life’ actually arrive...

Starting with the dream Wedding Shoes and it has just got to be Jimmy Choo. Just looking at these amazing jewelled shoes make me want to weep with emotion (as much as the price tag does) but maybe one day, my prince will buy me Jimmy Choos and I’ll truly feel like princess for a day. A girl can dream.

Still in keeping with the sparkling theme, these stunning Benjamin Adams shoes have the bling factor. Maybe too much? Nah, it’s not possible to have too much sparkle.

And then there is the height issue to consider, I’m 5ft7in so not massive but not dainty either. Would it make sense to have some simple yet sassy ballerina style wedding shoes as a back up too? I fall over in heels walking in the office... so perhaps satin pumps are the sensible choice. Or perhaps not. 

So I’m back to wishing, hoping (and prob will end up pleading) for the Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes...