Thursday, 12 January 2012

Leopard Print Shoes : get your flirt on.

Ahhh Leopard Print Shoes, made famous once by Bet Lynch of Corrie fame and now making an appearance on Celebrity BB on Natasha Giggs tootsies. Michael and Natasha enjoyed a bit of flirty banter over her wearing gorgeous Christian Louboutin heels around the CBB house.

Whilst the obvious flirtation between Natasha and Michael did make me cringe, got to hand it to her, she knows how to rock leopard print high heels with joggers.

My own pair of beloved leopard print shoes haven’t got the designer price tag luckily since I have worn them to near death. A little bit rough round the edges, but I absolutely still love them. Although recent evidence doesn’t back this up, having left them in a local bar and not realising until 8 days later! Thankfully lost property is kept for a while so my shoes were saved.

Having one pair of Leopard Print Shoes doesn’t stop me from drooling over more. In fact I’d own this form of animal print in every shoe style going if I could.

I spotted these immense leopard print Wedges from Office, just incredible. Might struggle to keep steady however these would definitely get green-eyed glances from friends.

As it is still a bit chilly, sticking with the shoe boot theme these are beauts. Toes nicely tucked away in the full shoe boot and yet just as glamourous.

I’ve not quite given up my weekend nights out and would happily don these show stopping Glitterati Leopard Print platform high heels to party the night away.

And for casual days off the heels, these Timeless Leopard Print slippers are totally cute and being flat, I can wear for hours and match nicely with skinny jeans or leggings.

Make an investment in pair Leopard Print Shoes, get your friends envious.

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