Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wedding Shoes: More important than the dress?

And so it begins... my friends and I have reached that time in our lives. The first couple within our friendship group got engaged not so long ago and now everyone else is at it! My Facey newsfeed was cluttered with announcements and congratulatory messages for friends’ engagements throughout the festivities.

But really, proposing on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve? Such a cliché (not that am jealous in annnyyyway). Had the men who popped the question run out of present ideas this year? So dear boyfriend, if you have read this, please take note

In reality, I am a way off from preparing for my own Wedding. However this doesn’t mean that I’ve not thought about the big day and being slightly selfish, it’s all about what I’ll be wearing!  I’d ordinarily keep this to my secret diary... but there have been times where found myself day dreaming about having the perfect, most beautiful dress, immaculate hair and makeup, gorgeous jewellery and (most importantly) stunning Cinderella-style Wedding Shoes.

Admittedly, these times mainly happen when watching future husbands’ make a mess of organising their bride’s perfect wedding on that TV show. Did you see the one where one of her jewelled shoe’s heel broke? I felt for the poor girl, those were some gorgeous Wedding Shoes.

This got me thinking about what style of shoe I would choose, should the ‘best day of my life’ actually arrive...

Starting with the dream Wedding Shoes and it has just got to be Jimmy Choo. Just looking at these amazing jewelled shoes make me want to weep with emotion (as much as the price tag does) but maybe one day, my prince will buy me Jimmy Choos and I’ll truly feel like princess for a day. A girl can dream.

Still in keeping with the sparkling theme, these stunning Benjamin Adams shoes have the bling factor. Maybe too much? Nah, it’s not possible to have too much sparkle.

And then there is the height issue to consider, I’m 5ft7in so not massive but not dainty either. Would it make sense to have some simple yet sassy ballerina style wedding shoes as a back up too? I fall over in heels walking in the office... so perhaps satin pumps are the sensible choice. Or perhaps not. 

So I’m back to wishing, hoping (and prob will end up pleading) for the Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes...

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