Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shoes just too wacky for wearing...

Yesterday Hong Kong Fashion Week celebrated its 12th Annual Footwear Design competition, and as you can imagine the shoe designs were pretty flamboyant. Could these be the most outrageous shoes you’ve ever seen?

Extravagant is best way to describe these shoes, with the decorative egg heel and detailed paint work the shoes could be mistaken for ornaments.

Wonder if the designer took inspiration from the Queen of Hearts with this pair of shoes. The deck of cards theme is super cute, with the lace detailing and colour splash yellow – these designs would fit with the more quirky fashionista.

Now laser cut leather was big trend last year, but three-heeled shoes are a totally new concept! Suppose it helps to have structurally sound shoes kind of like the framework to a wedge platform. I can’t deny these shoes aren’t pretty but imagine heavy to lift too!

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