Friday, 11 May 2012

Creepers: Friend or Foe fashion trend!

This trend I’m not sure I can ever be a fan of... however, love them or loathe them, I’ll write about creeper shoes!

Originally worn by the 1950’s cool kids, then Brothel Creeper shoes or affectionately known as creepers, were worn with eccentric clothing at that time. 

Then becoming popular then in the rock and roll ages, creepers got an underground make over. Keeping the flat platform crepe sole but jazzing up the fabrics and colours to give Creepers a rockier fashion edge.

Now with celebs and pop stars alike are sporting the creeper shoe, giving the look a modern twist on an old classic! It is fair to say that this underground shoe has a very distinctive style that sets it apart from all other shoes, and should be worn by the bold fashionista. This isn’t a shoe for day to day wear by most people!

The creeper trend is hitting the high street hard, so I’ve picked out some of my hot favourite Creepers:

Underground Shoes Triple Sole Creepers - Urban Outfitters

UndergroundCreeper wedge triple leopard - Office

Creep Platform Hi Top Boots- Schuh

 Stitch Detail Lace Up Classic Creepers- Barratts

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