Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes.........

The sunshine is here and I feel like singing. Fin-al-ly. So after booking my Summer holiday, the first thing I did was get myself to town centre and go shoe shopping. Nothing brings me such happiness than buying a new pair of shoes, especially when mincing about town in the warm sun.

Particularly spring shoes, these tend to be in lighter and brighter from neutrals to block colours. From ballerina shoes, espadrilles, flat sandals to flip flops! By having an array for shoes for the warmer days I can match footwear type to occasion or activity. Just love having a selection of spring and/or summer sandals to choose from every day. Finding those spring shoes that suit me and that are the right fit is part of the fun!

So after my boyf and I had booked the flights, there followed some whooping before we hot footed it into lovely Leeds city centre. Now, it had been freezing that morning so I have my old fateful Uggs on.... error. The sun came out and we planning the afternoon at his parents’ house in the country. No way, were fur lined boots staying on. So naturally I ‘had’ to buy new sandals.

I’d been out and about in Cheltenham week before pay day and noticed these beautiful Gold Sandals from Topshop. So I made the first shop we went in Topshop and purchased these lovelies. Not only pretty in gold but super comfy too – went for afternoon stroll in the hills by canal and there was no rubbing on toes or heel. Happy times. 

 Image from Topshop website

Sunday weather was just as beautiful and so I brought out trusty TOMS from Office shoes. Bought my TOMS last year, after being somewhat sceptical of the style and fit, I’d (wrongly) assumed that  without wearing socks the soles would rub and conscious of foot oder – but no, TOMS got me through the whole Summer. TOMS were ideal for strolling about Cities and tourist attractions whilst on holiday when sandals aren’t appropriate or hurting hot feet. This year my TOMS will def get packed in suitcase!

 Image from Office Website

If after a prettier girly shoe, the ballerina shoes are perfect choice – and available in so many styles and colours on the high street for not many pennies too. I like to wear Ballerinas, to work, play and sometimes down the pub. I like these tan coloured Ballerina shoes from Barratts, as will go with pretty much every outfit.

Image form Barratts website
My Spring Shoes collection started......

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